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It is an exclusive club of athletes that have had a chance to work with Chris Thomas privately. For many years he only worked in group environments, and has always been urged to coach. Coaching and teaching are two very different experiences. To no fault of their own coaches are restricted with time. It is hard to break every player’s game down into parts when you coach. Your focus needs to be on the execution of scheme as a top priority. However, when working 1 on 1 with Chris Thomas, you get access to his specialty which is dissecting and recreating your game so you can “own” each part. This requires slowing the game down, which is a critical component to development. Due to his group football program being an extensive 5-month program each year limiting his time, he selectively works with individuals every year in multiple sports. If you are interested in working with Chris Thomas privately, it will require you to venture to his area in Southern California. If you are coming from out of state, he will organize consecutive days of private development work to maximize your time with him. Contact Chris Thomas directly for more information or to get on the list of those who want to work with him privately.

Chris Thomas baseball trainer
Chris Thomas soccer trainer
August 10 2019
“My son Shane has had a lot of success and some great coaching over the years, but with just one session with Chris this morning I saw Shane execute on a different level. He has always had a cannon for an arm but not one coach has ever had him " think" about his back hip rotation and intention with his throwing. In one session with Chris a light bulb went off in Shane's head and it helped him add 20 feet, yes 20 feet to his long toss, Incredible! He’s never thought about having "Intention" with not only his batting but his throwing too. Shane acknowledged that these are things he never thought about relative to producing great reproducible results. It’s amazing to see the positive changes after just his first session learning to play the " Game within the Game" with Chris.”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
Alan Rosenthal
Baseball Dad of 12 year old

Chris Thomas, Personal trainer

Contact Chris Thomas directly for more information or to get on the list of those who want to work with him privately.

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