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“The depth of this video series and information that Chris pours out to the kids is absolutely invaluable and life changing. Not only is he tapping into a child’s performance ability, but he changes their outlook on how to approach life. I think what all parents want for their kids is for them to find their Path and Journey and find success. What I like is Chris gets kids to find Success within themselves and not by what others think success is. Chris is unique in that he breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand, pushes you to grasp for the best you can be and absolutely leaves you wanting more. I’ve never heard anyone say they were disappointed but only that they wish they found Chris earlier.”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
Diane Van Haaren
Parent of 15 and 13-year-old Club Soccer Players
“I have known Chris ever since I can remember, but I only knew him as a former NFL football player. I recently reached out to Chris because of the respect I’ve had for him, along with his professional background in hopes of him understanding my mental battles. I was questioning whether or not I had the love for what I was doing and if I was done with my pro motocross career all together. After we talked, Chris broke down his life experiences during his profession while I found many similarities to mine. It made me have a whole different perspective on racing dirt bikes and why I love it so much. I honestly wanted to run through a brick wall every time we talked because of how fired up I was. I am amazed by how well he was able to communicate and get through to me. I would recommend all types of athletes to consult with Chris as he became a huge part of my program.”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
Sean Cantrell
Professional Motocross Rider
“Around 2-3 years ago I had a consultation with Chris after hearing one of his speeches at my soccer club. I had extremely low confidence at the time and I immediately felt that if I ever wanted to get better, I needed to work with him. Working with Chris has completely changed who I am as a person and as a soccer player. I cherish every moment we spend working together. Even though I have been working with Chris for so long, watching this video series still affected me greatly! The way he simplified and broke down these complex concepts about the mind allowed me to reach an even greater understanding compared to when we had our consultation. These videos can seriously change your life!”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
17-year-old D3 Soccer Commit and Club Soccer Player
“There’s no question this video series was huge for me. It’s rare that an athlete as elite as Chris is as patient and willing to work with developing players, let alone teach them how to access their mind, which so many professional athletes don’t even know how to do. This is truly an incredible video program and every athlete out there if they care about their success at all should watch this video series. It will change your life.”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
Sammy Barooni
Basketball Player
“I watched Chris’s videos and I seriously learned more deep-rooted aspects of myself than I’ve learned in years of therapy. It was such a unique experience for me because each video brought me back to all these moments in my past and it was like “I now understand them all.” I now can use this new information to change the way I’ve been living, and it just opened this whole new world for me. I’m so excited to live in this new world Chris taught me and experience life the way I’ve always wanted for myself! I’m not even involved with sports anymore and I was blown away that I could apply this to my everyday life, right now.”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
Former Athlete
“Over the course of watching these videos, I have strengthened my mental game in ways that many would not even know they could. They have empowered my mind and gave me a completely different outlook on the game on and off the field. The benefits go beyond the surface of the sports world, but in real life problems and how I handle situations. I believe that everyone should watch these videos because they are very beneficial and the lessons in each one can be applied to anyone’s conditions no matter the circumstance. It’s a great way to allow your mind to let go of outside stress and pressure and really take in all the advantages at your own pace.”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
15-year-old Wide Receiver
“My oldest daughter in high school subscribed to these videos and it has been a game changer, even after consulting with Chris and working with him technically for over a year. These videos are a must view if you want to go to the highest level!! By watching them you learn how to reach the level of success you’ve always wanted and learn how to trust yourself and turn pressure into opportunity. The best thing that happened to my daughter who is now committed to a D1 soccer program was coming across Chris Thomas!!!”
Fusion Odyssey with Chris Thomas
Marla Porter
Mother of D1 Soccer Commit


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