About Fusion Odyssey

Fusion Odyssey began in 2005 as a private wide receiver and quarterback developmental program created by Chris Thomas and Bob Gagliano in the ultra-competitive Southern California. Chris created what he deemed a “learning institution” for athletes to break their game down into parts. He began infusing the mental game into every aspect of the physical and technical game. The results were undeniable and remarkable. As a result, 8 Fusion Odyssey participants have signed NFL contracts, and almost 35% of wide receivers, tight end and quarterbacks have earned college opportunities because of Chris Thomas and Fusion Odyssey. They began as just good athletes who turned into superstars. Three years ago Chris finally expanded his private training to include soccer, baseball and basketball players. The impact and the opportunities created were just as remarkable. Now, for the first time, his vault of knowledge is available to you through consultation and/or video access.

What does Fusion Odyssey mean?

The name Fusion Odyssey was created by Chris Thomas. It was meant to be an identification of exactly what athletes were getting as they came to his developmental environment. Chris discovered that performance consists of three elements: Intellectual, Psychological and Physical. Most athletes exist only in the physical element, but Chris Thomas and Bob Gagliano were now giving athletes access to every element. In coming to Fusion Odyssey, you were now getting access to all three elements, which is where the “fusion” name comes into play. Odyssey means a spiritual journey and Chris Thomas has always believed that when you discover capabilities about yourself that you otherwise may never unlock, it has a profound effect on you emotionally and spiritually. It changes your entire outlook on who you are and the depth of love you begin to have for yourself. That has consistently been recounted to him by hundreds and hundreds of players as being their exact experience under his mentorship. Hence the name, Fusion Odyssey.

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